Titanium 708

The "SmartLounge" low profile with an island bed

The 708 features a height-adjustable island bed (EasyBed) in the rear that lets you modify the hold volume and a spacious lounge in front with face-to-face benches that can easily be transformed into two road seats. In the titanium series, everything is synonymous with exceptional design and lots of extras, including a standard FORD automatic transmission.

4 3/5* 4 7.09







Titanium 708

Price and functionality

Pack VIP titanium

Manual cab air conditioning
Passenger airbag
Cruise control and speed limiter
Electric de-icing rearview mirrors
Coded front bumper
Glossed cab front gril
Luxury techno trim level dashboard
Flyscreen door
Seat covers
Panoramic skylight┬╣
Black bezel lamps FIAT
Fog lamps FORD
┬╣Depending on model